The BijakSPM team and our partners in Pasti Skor would like to apologize for the delay in the preparation of the Hot Tips. These tips have been prepared fresh by Pasti Skor as their team of over 40 highly experienced teachers who had to gather, compile and analyse the recent  Trial Exams and Gerak Gempur papers from several states as well as past year questions to predict the most likely topics to be covered the in the 2017 SPM examinations. Due to this delay and from popular demand, we have compiled Week 5 and Week 6 materials into 1 set to allow students more time to prepare. Hot Tips are a list of forecast topics and NOT questions. Hot Tips are only provided for Bahasa Malaysia, History, Chemistry, Physics and Science. We have added English Tips as a BONUS. There will be NO Hot Tips for Biology, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

Download the Hot Tips here.

If you want more Hot Tips as well as predicted questions, please visit our partners, Pasti Skor here.